Under Consturction

Leia's Baby Story

Born on 9/14/14 at 7 lbs 11oz and 20" at 10:30am. 

Besides the lack of sleep, all four of us are just so happy and in love.  The birth went very well.  After 2 accounts of false labor and alot of symptoms telling me labor was imminent weeks before the big event, I was surprised that my body held on as long as it did and I gave birth 4 days from my due date. 

I was scheduled to be induced on the 15th and ended up going in two days before for, what we thought was, false labor once again.  They decided to induce me that evening instead since I was already settled in at the hospital.  I was having hard and long (and painful!) contractions but they were not close enough together.  Trying to rest, in the midst of waiting to admit me and induce me (since they did not want to induce me too soon), five minutes before I was to be administered pitocin, we came to the conclusion that I was in active labor.  Yay!  I really didn't want to be induced, but I didn't want to be pregnant more. So they held off on induction.  I labored for a few hours and asked for my epideral and was AMAZINGLY relieved!!  About 7 hours later, Leia was born.  It was 10 and a half hours altogether.  And that's it!  Phew!!  Our healthy, beautiful baby girl had arrived!

For those of you who don't know about my first two births, this was CAKE!!  I'm so happy with how it all went and how it is now all behind me. 



Jaina's Baby Story-A Successful Homebirth

 Woke up on the beautiful morning of Valentine’s Day at 5am after getting up for my routinely bathroom  run and could not get back to sleep.  This is would be fairly unusual for most of the pregnancy since I have slept well most of the duration of the 9 months (with the exception of the bathroom runs, of course).   Laid in bed for an hour and half with my mind racing with all the things to do for the day and wondering if/when I’ll ever have this baby. The past couple of weeks have been a fast declining slide of discomfort and mental breaking between work, my daily responsibilities and, of course, my little 2 year old love who has been trying my mobility (or lack thereof).  As tired as all these thoughts made me, I still chose to get up and have a quiet time and pray. 

Doing my best to surrender the birth and everything I “had” to get done before the big event, I was sick with anxiety (and the early onset of labor and didn’t know it) and fatigue and didn’t know how I was going to make it through the week.

Getting though Mara’s breakfast and eating only half of mine (for those who don’t know my eating habits, that’s really weird) we decided to put on Nick Jr so that I could sleep.  Only a half hour before someone shows up at the door and I am forced to get up and start my day. 

I did just one haircut that morning and had to race off to a prenatal appointment, but not before I cried to my mom when she picked up Mara for the day letting her know that I was struggling physically and emotionally being in these last few weeks (or hours!) of pregnancy.  Made the same cry to my poor and wonderful midwife and they were both nothing but encouraging and supportive. 

I’m driving home, talking to my sister on the phone and, poor soul, my tears overflow again letting her know my struggling situation.  After talking with my mom and my midwife, at least my sister had the more positive side of my tears, but, still, she was very patient with me.  I pulled into the bank parking lot still on the phone with my sister and noticed that my “Braxton Hicks” were really close together.  I told her that I want to let her go so I can see if I walk around a little bit (from sitting in the car) if they will “turn off”.  My sister, who has no children, did not understand that thought process at all.

After the bank errand, I realized that they were getting stronger and that they were only 2 minutes apart.  Called Peter and my midwife and they thought it was crazy that I just came from seeing her just 45 minutes before.  She said that, since she had a long day of appointments, let’s see how it goes with the next couple of hours and she’ll be over.

I got home and started my labor journey around 1:15pm (though the contractions started about a half hour earlier).  Took a shower and decided to relax.  Put on a couple of movies and was up and down trying to get things moving to a more progressive pace.  With the contractions being one minute on, one minute off, my midwife decided to come over.  When she did, I was almost 100% effaced, but still only 2-3 cm dilated.  We decided to try and get as much rest as we could knowing it would be soon that I would be having a baby.  While I was resting, my water broke and things began to pick up significantly and I began to feel the curse of Eve begin to set in.  By 2am, things were extremely painful and my midwife checked me…4cm.  Are you kidding me!  She had me go up and down the stairs, do lunges and endure pain that I didn’t even know the human body could endure.  Did that for about an hour and then she let me rest (how nice of her).  After a little rest there, I did the rest of my labor on the toilet and at around 5am, I felt a real urge to push.  Getting me back on the bed, I was literally in the most pain I have ever endured in my entire life and I was pretty much at 10cm, but there was a lip holding back Jaina’s little head.  My midwife decided to take a contraction and hold back this lip herself with her hand allowing me to forget how wonderful she had been up until that point and I had then decided that she had come from evil forces to help me experience what try hell felt like. Thank the Lord, it did only take one push to get her head through, but it did take another half hour of the hardest work of my entire life and Jaina Rose was born at 5:43am in the morning on the 15th of February.  Completely exhausted, I wasn’t sure if I was more excited that it was over or that I had my beautiful daughter, but 15 minutes or so after she was born the bliss set in and Peter and I were the proudest, happiest parents we could ever be. 

It wasn’t until well after the stitches (bummer) that I forgave my midwife AND her assistant and realized that if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to have this incredible experience. 

Some of you may read this and think “Wow! Natural childbirth at home, that’s amazing!” and it is, and I do want to give myself SOME credit for making it through and doing it, but I wave no flag of pride in this experience whatsoever for I never knew my true weakness until this time.  Exposed at the surface, I truly was pushed beyond myself and when you are squeezed that tightly, you realize who you truly are and sometimes it’s not so pretty.  I only give credit to my Everlasting and Powerful God who gave me the strength and my INCREDIBLE husband who was nothing but encouraging and supportive throughout the entire experience (pregnancy and all).  I do also want to give credit to my wonderful midwife (and her assistant) who also could not have been any better at what she does and encouraging.  We are forever grateful…

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts!  I couldn’t have done it without them!  Yay! It’s over and now I can just enjoy our new baby girl!